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A Well Maintained Property Retain His Values

It also creates less problems over time and delivers you higher quality tenants. A prudent investment in reputable property management improves returns and frees up your time to be more profitably spent elsewhere.
We choose the best tenants for you, rent at the best price, deal with repairs and changes in tenancy, collect rent, manage evictions if the need arises, keep the accounts, and take care of any other problem so you can have peace of mind instead of having to deal with these yourself. We can make your rental experience easy.
Your property assets are important to you, so they’re important to us.


We Like People.

You have to genuinely like to deal with all kinds of people to excel the way Vassa Group do. We know how to see the person behind the written application and if they are a good fit for you, then how to effectively manage your property to maximize your investment. To do that, we listen. We hear what you need and why and we search through every application to find the tenant who will bring you the best experience during their tenancy. You have to genuinely enjoy meeting people and digging that bit deeper to do that successfully.
Along with maintaining your property’s maximum potential, leasing to the right tenant and careful management will give you a stress-free experience. Getting it right is why our business continues to grow in a challenging market and why we see so many smiles when the lease is signed.
We understand that your time is limited and you have better things to do with it than constantly having to monitor upkeep, repairs, and tenants. That’s what we’re good at. We already know what to keep an eye on and when.
We take care of it all, so you don’t have to.